Janna Zimmer

Frozen future

‚Frozen Future‘ is a little project I was working on. I wanted to create concept art for a fictional world I envisioned.

The premise: In the far future, earth is mostly frozen because of a long ice age. Cities are under ice, and new caves naturally built on top of them. Now, humanity slowly tries to reclaim earth. They built colonies in the ice by using technology that allows them to control the climate in a limited space, only shown through cubic cutouts in the ice. Thus, they can build warm, flourishing cities inside the immense cold of the outside. The aircrafts which connect the colonies are also built to function in both climates.

With this premise, I created two paintings and a callout-sheet for the aircrafts. Both paintings show the same city from different perspectives. Whereas ‚Blooming Future‘ highlights the green city, ‚Frozen Past‘ shows the outside icecave as well as nearby other colonies.