Janna Zimmer

Magnificent Marauder

‚Magnificent Marauder‘ is my Bachelor’s project. It is a small 3D-game showing the cockpit of a space ship of a group of young, mischievous pirates living together.  It can be seen as a virtual exhibition experience in a sci-fi setting. 2D paintings are scattered around, and 360°-2D-paintings can be viewed inside the 3D-space. All in all, the 2D concept art, the 3D environment and its characters are a comprehensive outlook onto a fictional open world game.

This project was done with four other people: Three artists ( Sarah Ulzhöfer, Maja Weber and Daria Jurek) and Manuel Berlinger as the programmer. I was mainly responsible for the texturing of the ship, as well as three 360°-paintings. My Tasks in detail were:

  • Texturing most assets (Except the characters)
  • Creating Concept Art for the Venus as well as both 360°-paintings: The Venus‘ surface and the hotel on the Venus and their soundscapes
  • Creating Concept Art for the moon ‚Ar-Ktah’n‘ as well as its 360°-painting and its soundscape